Best Fishing Lures


The best lure for any given time is the lure that catches fish. That being said the same lure will not catch all specie of fish or at different season. Therefore we need to sort lures by season and target specie.

Game plan and lure fishing strategy

You can start casting and retrieving lures the moment you get on the water. Before looking for the right lure you need to own a decent assortment to be able to pick the right one. With a handful of fishing rods, head to a body of water near you with a good population of fish. And keep in mind your speed and cadence of retrieve will be essential for fishing with lures !

The best lures for pike

The first thing to do before figuring out what lure to select, it’s important to understand pike behavior. Indeed pike will tend to have a predictable behavior and will live in similar habitat regardless of where you are. So for example to fish around grass beds you can either fish with jerkbait minnows or twtiching jerkbaits.

That doesn’t limit your options to hard baits for pike fishing. Some times swimbaits, metal baits and big softbaits will be the ticket for catching big pike.

To use your lure at it’s full potential, for pike a slow and steady retrieve will outperform any other cadence.

 What are the best softbaits for pike?

The most popular softbaits for pike fishing are definitely swimbaits. Soft swimbaits have the ability to be attractive on a steady retrieve and cover the entire water column.

Another option for pike fishing are casting jigs. During the summer pike can be found feeding predominantly on small prey like roach and bleak. With its small size, a casting jig can be cranked steadily; it’s a deadly technique all along the summer time of the year.

In conclusion you simply need a few lures and retrieves to find the best technique at any given time.

The best lures for zander fishing

The first thing to consider before talking about the best lures is to understand zanders are very light shy. Also, except during the winter time, zanders tend to focus on smaller prey.

Softbaits are the most popular lures for zander. You can either cast and retrieve small swimbaits or rely on vertical presentation with swimbaits or finesse baits. Sometimes powerful vibration will get more bites, while other situation will call for more subtle presentation.

Indeed, loud vibration can scare fish away. This is the opportunity to try a finesse type bait. Softbait offers a wide range of presentation, make use of that and when the fishing pressure is high or nothing else seems to work, that’s when finesse baits will shine.

Beside model selection, the rigging method and presentation is key. You can either drop shot, vertical fish with a jighead, steady retrieve and so on.

The best hard baits for zander

Amongst the best lures for zander you will find a number of hardbaits. The first that comes to mind is the crankbait. With it’s long bill it will dive quickly and deflect of bottom ledges and obstructions.

Crankbaits are easy to fish for zander, all it takes is a steady retrieve with some pauses along the way. With its positive buoyancy it will float back up each time you pause your retrieve. The lip or bill protects the hooks from snags. It’s a very good diving bait for zander fishing.

As a conclusion, keep in mind the best lures for zander are those which will stand on or near the bottom.

The best lures for perch

First of all keep in mind that perch are capable of epic feeding frenzy. The average perch will live in large school of fish. Bigger perch tend to live a lonelier life.

There are several option on the best strategy. You can go vertical fishing with a drop shot or a jighead rig. In the summer it might be better to try long casts and steady retrieve.

When and where are perch living and feeding ?

The best time to fish for perch is when they are busting the surface to feed of little minnows. A blade bait is a great option when that happens.

Small swimbaits on jig heads are great to fish around cover and structure. Much like any other game fish, perch love to hang out around grass and submerged wood. Read on to learn more about perch fishing, the best lures for perch and lots of tips and tricks to catch more fish.

 The best lures for trout fishing?

Trout fishing is immensely popular across Europe. Whether it’s about native brown trout or rainbow trout, they are found in every rivers and streams across the continent. Let’s find out about the best lures for trout.

Trout is a fascinating fish recquiring skills, patience and accurate casts. Current is a key factor obviously, you can can cast upstream or downstream and anything in-between depending on the situation. Be sure to be stealthy in your approach as trouts are very shy. .

The most common lures for trout are small billed jerkbait and inline spinners.

You can also fish for trout in lakes and reservoir for rainbow trout. It’s a lot of fun as rainbows will put out a big fight !

Back to jerkbaits, the lure density is maybe the most important element. You can find floating jerkbaits for slow and calm rivers and suspending for all around average current. Sinking jerkbaits are perfect for fast current rivers and streams.

Trout fishing with soft baits.

Don’t forget soft baits for trout which count amongst the best lures for trout. Little swimbaits on round jigheads are very efficient. It’s important however to carefully match the weight of the jighead to the current conditions.

We can also use soft swimbaits for still water fishing. We will work the bait with a succesion of pull and drop like an injured minnow.

How you work and retrieve your lure is key for trout fishing, it’s at least as important as selecting the right color for your lure.

The conclusion is that suuccessful trout fishing lies in having a good selection with many colors and density of lure to be able to adjust your presentation to the changing condition.

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