Freshwater fishing

Freshwater fishing

The first thing the angler needs to consider when freshwater fishing is what kind of fish is present and he wants to target. There’s a wide variety of different bodies of water and each requires a different approach and types of fishing.

From small mountain spring water streams to the wide and powerful rivers before they reach the sea, there’s a huge diversity of different habitats and fish species, living, breeding, and feeding in a diverse ecosystem.

The same goes for still water, from the neighborhood ponds to ancient spring-fed natural lakes, and man-made reservoirs, each has different conditions and requires fishermen to adapt and adjust to the environment.

Small rivers and streams

This environment is the trout kingdom. They can be stocked rainbow trout our native brown trout. This is a very fragile environment and great care you be taken to protect the fish and release your catch as quickly as possible. This is sport fishing at its finest. Small tackle boxes, light lines, and finesse presentations are key for success. Trout have very sharp senses and the angler needs to be stealthy in his approach. Be mindful of your steps, look out to keep your shadow away from the fish.

Mid-size rivers

Even though you can still find some trout, big trout actually, this is where chubs and barbels are living. These rivers are often forgotten by many anglers providing a great opportunity for an amazing fishing experience. These fish species will hit a lure, such as spinners as well as small crankbaits. They offer great summertime fishing opportunities when the heat is shutting down many other fish species, you can come and stay cool by wading in a river, under the shade canopy of big trees.

Large rivers

Further downstream, rivers get larger, boat traffic increases but pollution too after they flow through large cities. But they are a rich environment that offers a great habitat for a wider array of fish species. Perch, zander, pike, are some of the most sought-after fish species. It’s better to fish these rivers from a boat as most fish will be far away from the bank and private properties deny anglers easy access to the water. However water clarity varies greatly and fishing techniques are adjusted to the environment.

Local ponds

These are probably the easiest and most fun fishing spots. These are great to teach children the ropes of fishing. Bluegills, bass, perch, and the occasional pike are the species most commonly found in these diminutive lakes. From the bank or a float tube, pond fishing is every angler training ground.

Natural lakes

Big or small, natural lakes have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. They typically have sparse cover and limited structure. However they can be deep and clear. We understand that they require a certain skill but the reward can be in the form of trophy size fish. Whether it’s pike, perch, or trout this is where the biggest fish live.

predator fishing rods bent

Predator fishing rods, how to choose?

Predator fishing rods come in a wide range of sizes, power ratings, and other variables that can be a little overwhelming for us predator anglers. So let’s take a moment to decipher all these pieces of information and figure out how to choose the correct rod for each application. There’s no such thing as a...
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11baitcasting reels tips

Baitcasting reels ; choosing wisely!

Baitcasting reels are some of the most simple pieces of equipment an angler can own. They basically are winches. But they come in a wide range of models with all sorts of bells and whistles. And since they were introduced to the European market much later than in Japan or America, many anglers have conflicting...
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11lipless crankbaits or jerkbait

Lipless crankbaits Vs jerkbaits, open water options!

Often used only during pre-spawn, lipless crankbaits and jerkbaits tend to fill similar needs. They both shine in covering water, locating fish in the water column, and targeting fish suspended near the bank or off-shore. But they both have a wider application, in terms of seasons and conditions. Let’s explore these differences and how they...
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11weightless soft plastics for perch

Weightless soft plastics, shallow water’s finest

As the name implies, weightless soft plastics mean fishing with nothing else than a hook and a soft plastic bait. It’s a great technique to catch bass, pike, and perch. Because of its natural almost neutral buoyancy, weightless soft plastics are a very good lure for catching big fish. There are many different rigging options...
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11texas rig swimbait

The Texas rig for European fish

The Texas rig was born out of necessity to fish a snag-less lure in the thick cover of the newly impounded lakes of Texas in the late 60s and early ’70s. Most lakes were full of submerged brush piles, standing timber providing a rich habitat for largemouth bass. Plastic worms back then were rigged with...
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11rattling lures

Rattling lures ; good or bad?

Rattling lures are always a hot topic among anglers. Some people believe rattles help and others avoid them, most however don’t pay much attention to it. This question is surrounded by all sorts of myths and human projections on fish and their behavior. We don’t have all the answers but we’ll be careful to sort...
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11lipless crankbaits perch

Lipless crankbaits, how to fish them?

Lipless crankbaits hardly deserve to be called crankbaits. Diving crankbaits are floating lures with a bill or lip that force them to dive upon being retrieved. Lipless crankbaits on the other hand are sinking lures and don’t have a lip as the name implies. They are worked with a combination of rod tip movement and...
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11jig fishing for big pike

Jig fishing, the most reliable technique

Jig fishing is probably the most popular technique for bass fishing in the United States. It caches fish in Europe, France, England, Spain and Italy
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11fishing in grass

Fishing in Grass, the most productive cover detailed

Fishing in grass can be intimidating for the beginner angler. The fear of snagging a pricey lure is enough to deter many fishermen from fishing around grass. And that’s a big mistake because grass is by far the best cover for game fish.
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11square bill crankbait

Square Bill crankbait: the all-terrain Lure

Since then, square bill crankbaits have seen ups and downs in favor among anglers. In Europe, they are part of the scene too but never got the attention they deserve. And yet, I can’t think of another hard bait capable of catching every predator fish like a square bill crankbait.
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