11fishing myths bass

Fishing myths, time to debunk them!

Here’s a good one, the moon as a fishing factor. To be honest the jury is still out on this one. But we can still dispel at least one myth. The moon has a big influence on many things, gardening, hair growth, feminine cycles, tides, and probably a lot more. However, I’ve heard many times...
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11shad swimbaits zander

Shad swimbaits, the versatility champion

When I grew up fishing in the 90s, shad swimbaits were regarded as old fashion “uncool” lures. And indeed the models available back then were very basic and quite ugly. And then, I can’t really pinpoint the exact year but in the 2000s, they went through a revival and were brought back to the forefront....
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11fishing line

Fishing line, the right tool for the job

Often overlooked, the fishing line plays an important part in success. Indeed, the line not only keeps the lure under the control of the angler but also gets the fish back. It is therefore very important to use the right line for each situation. There is no one line to rule them all, each type...
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11lure color tyran

Lure color, how to choose?

Manufacturers are doing an amazing job at producing a great assortment of lure colors. They claim to do it to help anglers catch more fish and match their need for intricate patterns. But is that really helpful? Isn’t it making things more confusing? Just walk into any tackle shop and look at the color selection....
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11drop shot rig on bridge

Drop shot rig ; the best tips for success

It’s impossible to trace back the genesis of the drop shot rig. It was most likely inspired by deep water saltwater rigs. It was then in the late 90s adapted to bass fishing by Japanese anglers who developed specific tackle like drop shot hooks and sinkers. From Japan's high pressured lakes it jumped to California...
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11topwater paradise

topwater fishing ; try it more often!

Let’s start with the obvious: topwater fishing is the most fun and enjoyable type of fishing you can find! Fishing topwater lures are often associated with bass fishing but it catches other fish species as well. Pike and perch in particular will bite a topwater lure as well if not better than bass. Here are...
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11rattling lures

Rattling lures ; good or bad?

Rattling lures are always a hot topic among anglers. Some people believe rattles help and others avoid them, most however don’t pay much attention to it. This question is surrounded by all sorts of myths and human projections on fish and their behavior. We don’t have all the answers but we’ll be careful to sort...
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