11weightless soft plastics for perch

Weightless soft plastics, shallow water’s finest

As the name implies, weightless soft plastics mean fishing with nothing else than a hook and a soft plastic bait. It’s a great technique to catch bass, pike, and perch. Because of its natural almost neutral buoyancy, weightless soft plastics are a very good lure for catching big fish. There are many different rigging options...
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11craw fish claws

Crawfish lure ; the other forage

The overwhelming majority of lures are designed to imitate baitfish of one form or another, and crawfish lure is often the third wheel of fishing lures. Yet crawfish are present virtually in every body of water, from highland streams and rivers to big lakes and swampy shallow marsh. Game fish are relying on crawfish for...
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11jig fishing for big pike

Jig fishing, the most reliable technique

Jig fishing is probably the most popular technique for bass fishing in the United States. It caches fish in Europe, France, England, Spain and Italy
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11fishing in ths pring

Fishing in the spring, the greatest and worst season !

After the grueling winter month, fishing in the spring feels like a re-birth, for us, the lakes, and nature in general. As warm days raise the water temperatures, all the fish will spawn.
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11square bill crankbait

Square Bill crankbait: the all-terrain Lure

Since then, square bill crankbaits have seen ups and downs in favor among anglers. In Europe, they are part of the scene too but never got the attention they deserve. And yet, I can’t think of another hard bait capable of catching every predator fish like a square bill crankbait.
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11spinnerbait fishing

Spinnerbait fishing : what every angler needs to know

Spinnerbait fishing is an import from American bass fishermen. They needed a snagless lure for fishing the recently impounded reservoirs in the early 1960s. These lakes were full of wood from all the trees that were present when the land was flooded. Inline spinner baits were known to catch fish but would get constantly hung...
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