11baitcasting reels tips

Baitcasting reels ; choosing wisely!

Baitcasting reels are some of the most simple pieces of equipment an angler can own. They basically are winches. But they come in a wide range of models with all sorts of bells and whistles. And since they were introduced to the European market much later than in Japan or America, many anglers have conflicting...
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11lipless crankbaits or jerkbait

Lipless crankbaits Vs jerkbaits, open water options!

Often used only during pre-spawn, lipless crankbaits and jerkbaits tend to fill similar needs. They both shine in covering water, locating fish in the water column, and targeting fish suspended near the bank or off-shore. But they both have a wider application, in terms of seasons and conditions. Let’s explore these differences and how they...
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11fishing in muddy water

Fishing in muddy water, how to adjust?

Fishing in muddy water can seem a bit challenging for many anglers. Indeed crystal clear water is sexier, so to speak, it’s nicer. But fishing muddy dark-colored waters is actually a lot easier. Fish won’t see you and spook as easily. They also won’t tend to be offshore as much, making fishing a lot easier....
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11spinnerbait fishing

Spinnerbait fishing : what every angler needs to know

Spinnerbait fishing is an import from American bass fishermen. They needed a snagless lure for fishing the recently impounded reservoirs in the early 1960s. These lakes were full of wood from all the trees that were present when the land was flooded. Inline spinner baits were known to catch fish but would get constantly hung...
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