11shad swimbaits zander

Shad swimbaits, the versatility champion

When I grew up fishing in the 90s, shad swimbaits were regarded as old fashion “uncool” lures. And indeed the models available back then were very basic and quite ugly. And then, I can’t really pinpoint the exact year but in the 2000s, they went through a revival and were brought back to the forefront....
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11fishing line

Fishing line, the right tool for the job

Often overlooked, the fishing line plays an important part in success. Indeed, the line not only keeps the lure under the control of the angler but also gets the fish back. It is therefore very important to use the right line for each situation. There is no one line to rule them all, each type...
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11soft plastics on jig heads

soft plastics on jig heads, a closer look

Rigging soft plastics on jig heads is the most basic and simple way to fish soft baits. Just thread it on and you’re good to go. The end! In a nutshell that’s it, but there’s a little more to it than that. With fishing tackle, success or failure often is found in detail. So after...
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11fishing in grass

Fishing in Grass, the most productive cover detailed

Fishing in grass can be intimidating for the beginner angler. The fear of snagging a pricey lure is enough to deter many fishermen from fishing around grass. And that’s a big mistake because grass is by far the best cover for game fish.
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