11lipless crankbaits perch

Lipless crankbaits, how to fish them?

Lipless crankbaits hardly deserve to be called crankbaits. Diving crankbaits are floating lures with a bill or lip that force them to dive upon being retrieved. Lipless crankbaits on the other hand are sinking lures and don’t have a lip as the name implies. They are worked with a combination of rod tip movement and...
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11jig fishing for big pike

Jig fishing, the most reliable technique

Jig fishing is probably the most popular technique for bass fishing in the United States. It caches fish in Europe, France, England, Spain and Italy
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11fishing in grass

Fishing in Grass, the most productive cover detailed

Fishing in grass can be intimidating for the beginner angler. The fear of snagging a pricey lure is enough to deter many fishermen from fishing around grass. And that’s a big mistake because grass is by far the best cover for game fish.
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